Almost from the beginning, when the shifts started happening to them, they had gotten together to work on their powers. Their counterparts knew how to use them and they offered instruction, but the humans still had to get used to it and learn how to control them. They made a point of working on them together and they had scheduled some time to do just that one evening early in the week. But then she doesn't show up. And it is then that he realizes that the calling of his name an hour earlier had not been a figment of his imagination. He races to the roof of his apartment building where he sheds his outer layer of clothes and rockets into the sky. He has a vague idea of where the sound had come from and he heads in that direction. His cape flaps wildly in the wind behind him as he hurtles toward an industrial area lined with warehouses. He uses his x-ray vision to look through the buildings until he sees a dark hole in the floor of one and makes out the skeleton of a person trapped beneath some rubble. He thinks about crashing through the roof, slamming through floors until he can get to her but at the last second he draws up, aware that he might cause even more to rain down upon her if he does something that reckless.

Instead, he lands outside and rushes through the open door until he is standing at the edge of the hole looking down at her. He lowers himself slowly and then begins to remove the chunks of concrete and rebar that have fallen on top of her. He can see her arms are pinned, and that there are new cuffs on her wrists that he doesn't recognize. She's passed out and he is worried that there's too much rubble on her chest for her to breathe. But as he removes the pieces, one by one, he can see that her chest rises and falls shallowly, and he can hear the faint thud of her heartbeat. When he has her completely uncovered, he moves her arms gingerly over her stomach and lifts her. He cradles her to his chest as he rises from the hole in the floor. He's not sure where to take her. He is sure if he lands in the middle of a hospital parking lot and rushes her into the local emergency room that he will cause quite a stir. He thinks about going back to his apartment and donning his clothes again so that when he walks in with her he doesn't look quite so strange. But then he thinks he doesn't have time for that. He can see that one of her bones is broken and there are bruises forming all over her body. He needs to get her to someone who can set her bone and treat her open wounds now.

He decides to take her to the emergency room anyway. He doesn't want to take any more time than necessary to get her the care she needs. He lands outside the emergency room doors and begins to step inside when he hears someone squeak. He turns in the direction of the voice and raises his eyebrows. The woman pushes a gurney toward him, her quick observation skills alerting her to the fact that he is carrying an unconscious woman who looks to have been seriously injured. He smiles gratefully at her and when he finally settles Cait on the gurney, she stirs, nuzzling into his neck and mumbling a name that isn't his and that he doesn't recognize. Piotr.