No one in this world needs him. There was a time when he could hear the cries of civilians and heroes alike calling out to him for help. Now there is nothing but silence. They take care of themselves, they ask each other for help, they don't ask him. For a long time, that's exactly how he wanted it to be. He didn't want anyone to know he even existed and he went about his day helping those in need without anyone knowing who he was. He was begrudgingly pulled back into the spotlight and it was something he was just going to have to adjust to, but he hadn't had time to adjust before he'd been pulled out of that world and dropped into this one. Unceremonious as it was, he had been starting to cope with that, too. Slowly, over time, his powers came back and he had the opportunity to help people again. But he faded into nothing for weeks at a time and he felt like he could barely take a breath in Cooper's world before he was right back in the oblivion. Until suddenly that stopped and he and Cooper had to struggle to co-exist permanently.

There has been so much change. So much to focus on and adapt to. But the hardest thing to adapt to has been the silence. He's been asked for help once, and it was only because they were desperate and they thought he could offer some insight. But even that hadn't come to fruition, they hadn't needed his help after all. He can recall one moment since his arrival in this world that he has heard a cry for help and been able to rush to their aid. He thinks that this world is different and maybe no one needs Superman anymore.

The truth of the matter is that he knows that no one really needs Superman anymore. There are so many with powers beyond his own, powers to match his own, and powers and skills he doesn't even possess. Why would anyone need Superman when there was Supergirl with a Red Lantern ring? Why would anyone need Superman when there was Batman, the Lanterns, the Titans and the rest of the Justice League? The answer is: they don't. And it has been proven by silence.

The thing is, though, Clark is okay with that. He can live this strange existence that is starting to bear an eerie similarity to the life he had lived before. The one where no one knew Superman existed, where he raised his child and loved his wife in peace. He would be fine with everyone else being the hero, with everyone else taking up the reigns they seemed so anxious to wield. They could be the saviours of mankind, he would stay at home and admire the smooth round cheek of his daughter and the glorious backside of the woman who would soon be his wife. In his heart, he knows that the world is safe in the hands of everyone else. They will work together for the common good and no one will even miss him.

He isn't abandoning anyone. He isn't going anywhere. He will be there if ever anyone needs his help. He will stand behind anyone who asks. But he knows they won't. They have no reason to. They are incredible heroes, each and every one of them, and they have no use for Superman. Clark can don his disguise, this human's body that looks nothing like him, and walk around in the world without fear of recognition. He can be the stay-at-home father to his precious daughter and rescue cats from trees when no one is looking.