Can you stand on your head? i can if i'm also up against a wall. What's the best time of day to be naked? at night when it's time for bed. Do you have any scars? How'd you get them? i used to, but they've all sort of disappeared. i got a couple from skinning my knees, i got one on my back from a rusty nail, i had a couple on my knee from my surgery, and i had one on my scalp from banging it on a coffee table when i was little. that one you could only see when i shaved my head, though. What do you think about Disney World? i've never been to disney world. i've been to disneyland but not disney world so i'm not sure what to think except that i'd like to go sometime. Would you rather chug 3 litres of warm milk or eat 100 cockroaches? i think i'm going to go with the milk on this one. especially if the cockroaches are still alive or haven't been cooked or seasoned in some way. i was raised on a farm, i'm used to warm milk. What's the best food in the world to you? i think over everything i'd always prefer to have a cheeseburger. but i love the versatility of pizza and tacos, too. it probably just depends on the day. What makes you happiest? making other people happy.
Do you believe in Fate? not really. sometimes it depends though, it's an easy explanation for things that are harder to explain. What do you do to relax? i read or write. sometimes i take a drive or go for a walk if i need to clear my head. What's the last best book you read? trigger warning by neil gaiman What's a favorite quote you'd keep as a motto? “I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to be who I really am. And I’m going to figure out what that is.” - Stephen Chbosky What do you think's the first thing your dog would say if he could talk? it wasn't me.
who is your literary hero? sherlock holmes do you have a favourite author? neil gaiman probably what's your favourite book? how old were you when you discovered it? the giver by lois lowry. i think i was in third or fourth grade and i remember it scaring the shit out of me. but then i read it again when i was in high school and it was still scary, but for different reasons. i get something new out of it every time i read it. do you have a favourite poem? in my sky at twilight by pablo neruda who is your favourite poet? pablo neruda what piece of art (painting, book, song, film) changed your life? when i was in high school i read lord of the flies and i knew i was piggy. it was terrifying and forever changed the way i looked at people and society. if you could have any superpower what would it be? i would like to be able to give people a sense of peace. do you feel like you're in tune with your body, or someone who lives more inside their own head? i feel like it's a mix of both. i can get lost in my head, but what is your type? the advocate: infj-t (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging and turbulent) what is your hogwarts house? ravenclaw what does "the perfect day" look like to you? (insert miss congeniality joke here) it would be a day of good company, good food, good weather and doing some kind of fun activity. my birthday was pretty perfect, for example. what was the first album you bought? it was barenaked ladies' stunt what was your favourite childhood food? mac and cheese with hot dogs did you have a favourite toy as a child? if so, tell us about it. i had a tie fighter that i played with a lot, along with a bunch of star wars action figures, half of which are probably still buried somewhere on the farm back in illinois. what is one thing you wish people knew about you? i always have good intentions, but the follow through isn't always perfect what is one thing you wish you knew about other people? how they honestly felt about me. how would you want to spend your retirement? i kind of miss farm life. it's quiet and sustainable. i might like to retire to a farm, but only if i'm not dependent upon it. what is it like being an only child? pretty lonely. we were far away from family and our neighbors weren't all that close. what would be your favourite topic to write about? i enjoy writing articles about interesting people who have a story to share. when it comes to your life, would you prefer people read it in a biography or an autobiography? how honest would your autobiography be? that's hard. i'm not sure i'd be all that objective, even if i was completely honest. it would probably be better and more interesting if someone else wrote it. tell us your favourite joke. i went to the zoo the other day, there was only one dog in it, it was a shitzu. tell us your favourite quote from a movie. you're a wanker, number nine! schwarzenegger or stallone? stallone segal or jean claude van damme? jean claude van damme apples or oranges? apples do you believe in fate? not particularly do you believe in a higher power? yes if a movie was made of your life, who would you want to star as you? stallone meg ryan or julia roberts? julia roberts
when did you first discover you were a meatball? when i was about four and i rolled down a hill and couldn't stop. when did you first discover you were a giant? puberty when is the last time you wanted to fight someone? i don't like to fight when is the last time you had diarrhea? the last time i had questionable indian food. boxers or briefs? boxer briefs do you have any tattoos? nope what's the last book you read? trigger warning by neil gaiman can you rap? definitely not will you wear a romper if i buy you and alex matching ones? if alex will wear it i will
What's your favorite song? i can never decide on a favorite song, i'm on an 80s kick right now so i'm going to say jessie's girl by rick springfield Who's your favorite actor? melissa mccarthy What's the last thing you watched on Netflix? iron fist What's a relationship deal breaker for you? lying to me Describe the perfect partner. i don't think a perfect partner exists Describe the perfect vacation. the perfect vacation is any vacation that doesn't include a complementary coma
favorite sushi roll? vegas roll favorite memory? when i was eight, my parents took me to disneyland in california. i got a set of ears, pictures with some of the characters, dinner at blue bayou, churros and dole whip and the whole works. i remember when school started again later that year, i was the envy of everyone for about five minutes. one of the best vacations and memories of my entire childhood. favorite book? the giver by lois lowry you're stranded on a desert island with only three items, what are they? a solar powered flashlight, a bowie knife and a fishing pole why is samson named samson? that was his name when i adopted him and i didn't want to confuse him by changing it what's in your work bag? my laptop, a notebook, a handful of pens and pencils, a camera, a power bank for my cell phone, and a charger for the laptop and phone and probably some loose change and peppermint gum. you're in a candy store, what do you buy? either chocolate truffles or saltwater taffy, maybe both.
who loves you pretty baby? you do. who's gonna help you through the night? you are. who loves you, pretty mama? alex does. who's always there to make it right? alex is. will you actually answer these? you know it. do you want to have children? yes i do. do you enjoy your work? i love my work. how's life treating you? are you happy? i'm very happy. how do you define "success"? attaining your goals and being happy with your achievements. how do you define "family"? the people around me who care about me and my happiness. what's your favorite color? red best birthday gift you've ever received? when i was young my parents got me my very first computer even though i know now it was way out of their budget. they sacrificed a lot to keep me happy. best gift you have ever given? i was able to send my parents on a cruise for their fortieth anniversary a couple of years ago. what did you want to be when you grew up? until i moved to boston i thought i'd be a farmer like my dad. but then i thought i might like to be an author.
what three personal items do you cherish most? my dog, an old keychain i got on a trip to yellowstone with my parents when i was twelve and a scrapbook of my childhood my mom put together a few years ago. what do you want your life to look like in five years? i just want to be happy, but i wouldn't mind being married with a kid on the way. how do you get your inner strength? that's a hard question. sometimes i don't feel very strong inside. i feel stronger outside than inside. but i guess i draw my strength from my family and friends and the prospect of having new experiences.